11 May 2012

Thank You !

from Senior Fellow Randy Pollock: "Now that I am no longer a candidate for Oregon Secy of State, I'm allowed to resume mgmt of the 527 org... My thanks to all who encouraged and supported my campaign."

09 August 2011

Hobbits scold Golem

McCain faces angry crowd at Gilbert town-hall meeting
McCain faces angry crowd at Gilbert town-hall meeting, "Tea-party'' activists directed anger toward the senator over economy, "hobbits" remark and more.

11 July 2011

Public Disclosure

Because of recent Privacy Act violations of the Senior Fellow's privileged information, we formally confirm his status as a former Officer of the United States Air Force. Other Fellows are notified their own information is not involved, and that this security breach has been investigated and referred to Federal authorities

29 December 2010

Meeery New Year

Click the title for a really good comic strip in SUPPORT of our troops

23 November 2010

TSA or T+A ?

Man proves TSA policies are unconstitutional

07 November 2010

Call For Papers

Papers and presentations are now being accepted for modifying the OREGON Health Plan. This will be an open-ended call, with the product posted immediately after peer-review.

We're looking for the presentation that you've never seen before and have always wanted to see. We are looking for the presentation that the policy makers wouldn't ask for, but blows their preconceptions when they see it... We want to see it.

Subjects that we have traditionally covered in the past, and will continue to accept include: privacy issues, criminal law, civil law, identity theft, fraud, social implications and critical infrastructure issues

We are looking for and give preference to: unique research, social commentaries, and ground breaking material of any kind.